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About us

Welcome to The Beer Lodge!

Hey there! It's Dave, the beer-loving creator of TheBeerLodge.com. I want to personally thank you for visiting our store and explain to you what The Beer Lodge is all about and what you can expect from us.

I started The Beer Lodge because I have always enjoyed having a beer with friends and family. Whether it be at a sporting event, family holiday party, concert, family dinner or even just around the fire during a nice summer night. Nothing beats enjoying a nice cold one with the people closest to you. 

I wanted to create an online store that could help make more moments like that happen in people's lives. I wanted to make t-shirts and apparel that would make your friends and family laugh hysterically. I wanted to create decor that would look amazing in your man cave when you have people over. I wanted to create accessories that you could use to help further enjoy those moments where you are drinking with friends and family. 

That is what The Beer Lodge is all about! The Beer Lodge isn't a huge billion dollar corporate business and I have no plans of making it that. It's just me and a small group of people who love beer and what The Beer Lodge stands for. 

What To Expect From Us

If you join our e-mail list (you can do this by entering your e-mail address at the bottom of the screen), you can expect weekly updates from us regarding awesome new items that we have created and have available for sale. 

If you follow us on social media, you can expect daily posts that will have you laughing your ass off! (check the bottom of this page for our social media accounts).

You can also expect to receive news and updates regarding potentially anything related to beer and drinking it! (Anything awesome that we come across we will definitely share)

Once again, thank you so much for visiting our store and community. Never hesitate to reach out to us. Even if it's just to say hi! (or if it's related to beer!)

It's time for me to go grab a cold one :). I think you should do the same!


-Dave (The Beer Loving Owner of TheBeerLodge.com)

Contact Us

E-mail us anytime at support@thebeerlife.com
We'd love to hear from you!