13 Beer Gifts for Dad for Christmas

13 Beer Gifts for Dad for Christmas

Dads love Christmas, and we love dads. But sometimes Dad can be one of the hardest people to find the perfect gift for. What does he want that he doesn’t already have?

When you find yourself stuck — again — on Dad’s gift, fall back on what you know Dad likes. And if your Dad likes beer, then here’s a gift guide to some of the best beer gifts for Dad.

Of course, not every Dad, and not every beer lover, likes the same thing. So to guide you a little more towards a good Christmas gift for Dad, we’ve broken down the gifts by Dad type. Find the type that describes your Dad, and you’ll find several of our favorite beer-related gifts for that type. 

Personalized Beer Gifts for the Dad Who Has a Home Bar

LED Man Cave or Home Bar Sign

Our own classic bar-style LED signs will give your dad’s man cave a real leg up on the competition. No fancy gimmicks here, just choose from a range of designs, colors, and wording to craft an impressive addition to your dad’s beer-themed decor.

Engraved Wooden Beer Bottle Opener

Simple, but useful and appealing. With its rustic pine and cast iron design, this custom engraved bottle opener mounted on the wall of your dad's home bar is not only practical but stylish! 

Bar Mat

Bar mats are something that doesn’t exactly attract attention, but if you’re looking for an easy way to impress your guests, this is it. Buy a set for Dad’s home bar, or just use them at the table for your next home brew tasting. Each set can be customized with a different message.

Beer Flight Board  

Whether your dad has his own bar or simply likes to entertain guests, this customized beer flight board is almost impressive enough to take away from the brews. The next time your dad is ready for a craft beer sampling, he'll have the perfect beer flight to accompany it!

The Best Beer Gifts for the Dad who Truly Savors His Beer

Working On My Dad Bod

For better or worse, “Dad Bods” are kind of in these days. Even some celebs have been spotted paying a bit less attention to their sixpack, unless of course it’s a sixpack of beer. Whether your Dad savors his beer a lot or maybe even a bit too much for his own waistline’s good, this combo set of bottle opener and pint glass from Amazon will suit him perfectly. 

USA Beer Cap Map

Everybody collects something—baseball cards, vintage watches, license plates. If your dad loves his beer, it’s not unlikely that he collects beer caps. If that’s the case, you won’t find a better gift than this one. IPA, pilsner, lager - every time your dad collects a bottle cap from a different state, it can go here. No prize for collecting all fifty, however.

Duke Cannon Old Milwaukee Beer Soap

It certainly won't taste like a cold beer, but this Old Milwaukee beer soap is made with real beer from the famous Wisconsin brewery. You get an incredibly manly soap; the complete beer package keeping you feeling clean and smelling fantastic all day long. 

The Best Glassware for the Dad Who Likes A Good Pour

Chill Beer Glass

Unique glasses, double-walled, with a layer of freezing liquid between them. Freeze them for a bit, and you’ve got a glass perfect for an instant cold one. Get a few of these for Dad to keep behind his home bar; as an added bonus, your beer won’t be cold the next time you visit.

Half Dome Beer Glass

At first glance, this looks just like an ordinary beer glass. No fancy shape, no odd coloration, just a simple glass. They don't even seem as eye-catching as your usual beer growler. But if you look closer, there’s a bit more going on. Half Dome is one of the most iconic mountains in the U.S. National Parks system, and a perfect topographical impression of it sits at the bottom of each of these glasses. Get your dad a gift set of these, and he’ll have the perfect conversation starter every time he takes a sip.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses

Ok, they're not beer mugs, strictly speaking. But they are a great gift for the beer-loving dad who also likes his liquor, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day gift. These miniature mason jars are absolutely classic. Dad will love them for the next time he hosts a bbq or an evening around the bonfire.  

Gifts for the Dad Who Loves His Beer and His Beard

Man Comb + Bottle Opener

Now here’s a snazzy piece of kit; part bottle opener, part comb, with a bit of old-fashioned straight-razor styling. Even the materials in this comb look manly - steel, brass, and the houndstooth of the comb itself. Dad won’t be able to open a bottle in front of his friends without telling them where he got this catchy Man Comb.

“Good Beard” print

Let your Dad put his beard on the wall! Or at least, a picture of it. This print will put a highbrow spin on your Dad, his magnificent facial hair, and his love of beer. And it doesn’t look too bad either.

“Drinking Beers” T-shirt

“Drinking beers and growing beards,” this funny beer shirt says. Admittedly there’s nothing fancy here, but that’s not the point. If that slogan describes your dad perfectly, then you’ve found the perfect gift.

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